A Short Visitors Guide to Kew Gardens

Famous the world over, Kew Gardens, or more correctly, the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, is one of Southwest London’s most popular attractions. Easily reached by the underground, bus, or train, the gardens contain the most important collection of plants and trees in the world. With the gardens covering 330 acres and with more than 30,000 types of plants, there is more than enough to see on any visit.

Outdoor attractions

The Arboretumaccounts for more than half of the gardens and houses a huge collection of trees. It’s in three sections: The North contains the original botanic garden that dates back to 1759; the West which is home to the Rhododendron Dell, Kew Lake and the Bamboo Garden; and the South which housed Queen Charlotte’s Cottage and the Berberis Dell.

The mile-long Holly Walk which contains some trees planted in 1875, is a wonderful place for a stroll.

Indoor attractions

Collections of plants are housed indoors in structures that demonstrate incredible architecture. There are some amazing glasshouses at Kew, some of which are:

The Palm House – one of the most recognisable landmarks, it’s made from 16,000 panes of glass. Housing many rare species including a cycad specimen that’s been at Kew since 1775, there’s an elevated walkway for a bird’s eye view of the plants and trees.

 Princess Wales Conservatory – opened by HRH Diana in 1987, the theme here is tropical with 1,500 species of orchids, a collection of tree frogs and interesting ponds containing fish like piranha and water dragons.

The Alpine House – this spectacular glass structure that reaches a height of 10 metres at its centre was designed for alpine plants, more specifically, those that can survive at altitudes of up to 2,130 metres. The star of the collection is a Chilean Blue Crocus – an extremely rare plant once thought to be extinct.

This is just a very small taste of the sights and attractions of the gardens at Kew. Well worth a visit!

5 epic foot nail treatments

Pro-light technology makes the polish last for over two weeks without re-do. Feet should be given ultimate care through various pedicure procedures available. K West Hotel & Spa is the ultimate destination for a perfect foot nail treatment.

1. Jelly Fun foot nail treatment

This involves a soothing leg soak in jelly. It pampers the legs as it slough off the dead skin. Toe nails are skillfully shaped and buffed then polished to give the feet a spectacular feeling. Feet stay utterly smooth for a month! This service is available at K-West Hotel and Spa and is very affordable.

2. CND VINYLUX foot nail treatment

It is like a regular nail treatment procedure except that the polish is from CND VINYLUX. Their polishes are all long ware and have a noticeably high shine. This is a perfect pedicure for those hate flaked nails. VINYLUX polish is the best for gel polish and has a smooth glow that lasts for more than a week.

There is a bunch of new treatments available to choose from k West Hotel & Spa. They have partnered with CND VINYLUX to provide cheap and classy pedicure services.

3. Medical Grade foot nail treatment

This is therapeutic foot soak that cleans and softens nails and feet. Callus, corns and cuticles are well taken care of. It lasts for sixty minutes maximum and gives best results for any toe disorder. The procedure is concluded with a nice nail polish for a magical look. This is the best feet care for chapped legs and those infected with nail fungus.

4. Gel foot nail treatment

It is suitable for ladies who prefer longer lasting nail polish. A unique polish is applied to the toe-nails and dried through the UV light technique. It lasts longer than the usual nail polish and requires low maintenance. One carries out all house chores without having to worry about chipped of nail polish.

5. Men’s foot nail treatment

These are similar to regular feet pampering. It is an exceptional service for men who love to give some extra care to their skin. Nails are washed, shaped, buffed, and accumulated cuticles removed. There is no nail polish used for this treatment. It can be topped up with a hot stone massage to intensify the sooth.


There are several epic foot nail worth trying. They leave you feeling clean, rejuvenated, and relaxed. All genders can access these services at fair prices. Foot massage improves blood circulation and makes feet look attractive and healthy.

5 tips for having a productive meeting

For any business or enterprise, time can make the difference between success or failure. It is important to understand that time is one of the most valuable assets not just in business, but also in life. It is not uncommon for workers to stay at meetings for hours and hours, yet come out not knowing what the point of the meeting was. The time spent during these meeting thus becomes a waste. Here are some tips to have in place so as to have a productive meeting.

a) Have a clear agenda

When setting up a meeting, it is important to have clear objectives. This is to ensure that the meeting will not spiral into other vague agendas. It is also important to make sure the objectives have been shared early with those attending the meeting. In addition, the agenda for the meeting should be accompanied with relevant documents to make sure everybody clearly understands what the meeting will be about.

b) Time

It is important that when setting up meetings, you also estimate the time it will take. There are times when meeting seems to never end, which results in loss of concentration of those in attendance. It is usually advisable to have a short meeting that is straight to the point and avoid diverting into other agendas.

c) Venue

Most of the times, the boardroom seems as the most sensible place to hold a meeting. However, this can be monotonous and it may sometimes require to change meeting rooms. An advantage to this is that it can spark creativity. For example, you can hold a meeting in a modern 5-star hotel such as the Royal Lancaster London where staff can have a change a scenery.

d) Hold face to face meetings

With recent advances in internet, most companies now prefer conducting meetings online. While this may offer flexibility and convenience, it sometimes results in unproductive meetings. It is thus advisable to conduct face to face meetings when a serious matter is being discussed. Meeting face to face means you will be able to effectively connect minds and ideas together.

e) Choose the best leader

When you have a great leader, then the meeting will be productive. A great leader ensures that everybody is on board and that everything runs smoothly. A good leader will set the agenda and make sure those in attendance do not divert away from it.

Things to do With Kids on Holiday in Bangkok

As a tourist, finding activities that your kids will enjoy can be challenging. We explore some of the most popular activities and attractions that will keep your kids entertained in Bangkok.

Thailand is a popular destination spot in South East Asia that attracts millions of tourists per year, and while there is much to do and see, creating a unique fun-filled itinerary challenging and time consuming for many, especially, if you are not familiar with the city and what it has to offer. This list highlights some of the top leisure activities that will keep children of all ages active and engaged throughout their family holiday visit to Bangkok, Thailand.

1. Easy Kart Go Karting – Get Revved Up For Fun And Excitement

Located just 1.28km away from the Lancaster Bangkok is Thailand’s famous Easy Kart Go Karting facility which features a large indoor track filled with exciting twists and turns, a pool, panoramic terrace, restaurants, and a bar. Go-kart drivers can choose from 50 uniquely designed Go-karts and up to three different sizes so families with small children can drive together. High Tech SMS Timing keeps track of your speed as you race around the track and drivers are handed their result sheets at the end of every race. It’s a great activity for all ages whether you are a beginner or a driving expert.

2. Safari World – The Ultimate Ride Along Adventure

From wild exotic animals to aquatic creatures, there is no better place to see them up close and personal than at Thailand’s largest open zoon and leisure park. Buckle your seat belts and prepare for a fascinating drive through the Safari. The animal’s habitat has been designed to resemble Africa’s natural wild. After this, head over to the Aquarium and cheer on the dolphins as they perform amazing acrobatic stunts.

3. Funarium – It’s More Than Just A Playground

The Funarium Indoor Playground is 2000 square meters and Bangkok’s biggest entertainment area for kids of all ages. There are more than 50 different activities to engage in, with designated areas for young children and toddlers, including a water and sand area, softball zone, a baking station, and a lot more. Older kids may choose from a wide selection of activities as well such as racing around their bike tracks, climbing and bouncing on trampolines. The facility is equipped with childproof gates to ensure safety and air conditions are located throughout the building to ward of heat exhaustion due to play. There is a café for treats and refreshments and it is open from 9am-7pm every day.

There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.