5 epic foot nail treatments

Pro-light technology makes the polish last for over two weeks without re-do. Feet should be given ultimate care through various pedicure procedures available. K West Hotel & Spa is the ultimate destination for a perfect foot nail treatment.

1. Jelly Fun foot nail treatment

This involves a soothing leg soak in jelly. It pampers the legs as it slough off the dead skin. Toe nails are skillfully shaped and buffed then polished to give the feet a spectacular feeling. Feet stay utterly smooth for a month! This service is available at K-West Hotel and Spa and is very affordable.

2. CND VINYLUX foot nail treatment

It is like a regular nail treatment procedure except that the polish is from CND VINYLUX. Their polishes are all long ware and have a noticeably high shine. This is a perfect pedicure for those hate flaked nails. VINYLUX polish is the best for gel polish and has a smooth glow that lasts for more than a week.

There is a bunch of new treatments available to choose from k West Hotel & Spa. They have partnered with CND VINYLUX to provide cheap and classy pedicure services.

3. Medical Grade foot nail treatment

This is therapeutic foot soak that cleans and softens nails and feet. Callus, corns and cuticles are well taken care of. It lasts for sixty minutes maximum and gives best results for any toe disorder. The procedure is concluded with a nice nail polish for a magical look. This is the best feet care for chapped legs and those infected with nail fungus.

4. Gel foot nail treatment

It is suitable for ladies who prefer longer lasting nail polish. A unique polish is applied to the toe-nails and dried through the UV light technique. It lasts longer than the usual nail polish and requires low maintenance. One carries out all house chores without having to worry about chipped of nail polish.

5. Men’s foot nail treatment

These are similar to regular feet pampering. It is an exceptional service for men who love to give some extra care to their skin. Nails are washed, shaped, buffed, and accumulated cuticles removed. There is no nail polish used for this treatment. It can be topped up with a hot stone massage to intensify the sooth.


There are several epic foot nail worth trying. They leave you feeling clean, rejuvenated, and relaxed. All genders can access these services at fair prices. Foot massage improves blood circulation and makes feet look attractive and healthy.


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