How to tell if your steak is good quality?

You’re entitled to a good quality steak no matter how much money you want to spend. Knowing how to tell a quality piece of steak is crucial. Below are some factors that can show you whether a steak is of good quality or not.

Pay attention to its smell – metallic or light bloody smell

A freshly harvested steak smells like raw blood, and blood can even be seen on the surface of this cut. This scent is often neutral, mild, and not overpowering. If the steak has a definitive odour that smells like ammonia or eggs or sour, then it has gone bad. Bitter, acidic or sweet smells are all signs of a treated cut.

Check the colour – the steak should be bright red

High-quality steak must have a bright red colour if the cuts are from a younger animal. The colour of the steak should be a little dull red if the cuts are from an older animal. Essentially, a good fresh steak should be a bit dark. However, the cut can be yellowish if the animal was fed loads of corn to fatten it fast.

Marbling – affects the flavour, juiciness and tenderness of the steak

A good quality piece of steak should be marbled and juicy. Marbling is often seen and felt on the surface of a cut; juice can be felt and seen, while marbling resembles white deposits on the surface. Here is a website with more information on how to tell if a steak is of good quality.

Visitors who want to taste good quality steak should find a reliable Steak House. In turn, this will ensure that they enjoy high-quality pieces of steak.


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